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Uno's life mattered

I loved your cat today, I held him in my arms as he took his last breath. I cried for him even tho I only knew him an hour. I took his poor broken old body to a vet praying there was something I could do to save him where his humans had failed him. I don't believe this was just another stray, he was way to affectionate and loving to have been. He was old, only 6lbs but you could tell he used to be a big beautiful cat at one time. Most of his teeth were rotted and falling out, he had infections in his gums, he has a severe upper respiratory infection, his paws were cracked open, swollen and bleeding from infections. Likely full of worms as well all tho at this point it wouldn't have mattered. Vet said all these things alone his prognoses was very poor. But I would have fought for him, but he tested positive for FIV which is an immune issue much like AIDS in humans. While cats can live decent indoor lives with FIV they can be contagious to other cats and the FIV would have made it even harder for him to recover. He was suffering, in a lot of pain, hungry and couldn't even eat much due to the pain from the rotting teeth. Vet said he likely wouldn't even survive a neuter surgery which would have been further complicated because on top of EVERYTHING he was a cryptorchid which means he only had 1 testicle descended. So, to whoever had this baby and then abandoned him, you will have to answer eventually for your cruelty. But he was loved, even if for 1 night where he stayed in a warm garage of his rescuer and had food and water. He was loved for the 1 hour I had with him. He was loved, his life mattered to us and the staff at Paola vet clinic. He came in as "stray" departed as "Uno" 1.... 1 night, 1 hour, 1 large loving heart. Uno... You mattered.


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Mar 14, 2022

Uno matters, he is the voice of so many unwanted, abused, abandoned, feral cats in the world. His life mattered to us, we just don't get to him in time to save him. But we did save him from suffering more.

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