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About us

We moved from the city onto our little plot of heaven in Nov 2016 with our 4 young kids. Eunice has been a life long  animal lover and always wanted to help animals. The kids have also grown to love animals and learning to be caring and wanting to help. As a family we enjoyed fostering for a small rural rescue and Eunice helped with computer work and adoption events with the rescue. Eunice learned a lot about animal rescue in her time volunteering and as a family we fostered several dogs and cats for the rescue. Our specialty as a family quickly became in cats and kittens specifically.

June 2021 we found a litter of 4 tiny kittens in need and without hesitation our family jumped in to help. They were near death and 1 kitten nearly died several times before making a full recovery. We were soon asked to help with another litter of kittens and their very pregnant mother. Before we knew it we were knee deep in kittens!

We are a licensed rescue, most of our cats/kittens are cage free and live in our home or foster homes. All of our animals have age appropriate vaccines, spaying/neutering and micro-chipping before they are re-homed. We do our best to fully vet any potential adopters to make sure the kittens go to good loving homes.

Meet Elias

Elias is our oldest child, he is 12yrs old and just as full of fire as  his hair is red. He is our social butterfly, never knew a stranger and will quick to make friends where ever he goes. He's not a big cat person, but he does like helping. He prefers his dog Bambi  and enjoys learning to help with the equines. He loves video games and watching youtube.


Meet Willa

Willa is our 2nd child. She is 11yrs old and is an amazing big sister and mother figure. She is the one who begged for a cat when we moved to the farm. I blame her for the cat obsession around here when really I'm just as obsessed with them as she is. She has a very active role in helping care for kittens and loves taking selfies with kittens. Her and Eli are only 16mo apart and as such are very close. She enjoys snuggling up with her cat Misty or one of the other kittens and a good book. Right now her favorite series is the Owl Diaries series.

Meet Samson

Sam is our 3rd and smallest baby, he was 5wks early and was a small 4.9lbs. He is 8yrs old and he is our smallest kid barely bigger then his little sister. He is also probably our sweetest and softest spoken child. He LOVES his dog Apache who was another rescue, as soon as he met Sam they were both in Love! Sam's job is to help feed the dogs, he loves  playing video games, his favorites are Halo and Minecraft. He also enjoys school and riding the go cart.


Meet Naomi

Meet Naomi, she is the youngest at age 6 of the fantastic 4 and she knows it! She is so sweet and funny and we call her the kitten whisperer! She can get just about any kitten to love her. She took a completely feral kitten and turned her into a human loving , kid following and snugly kitten in 3wks! There is just something about her that draws all animals but especially kittens. She LOVES kittens, probably more then anyone. She was just 7mo old when we moved to the farm and has never known life outside of it. She loves school and playing with her siblings. She also has a strong bond with our abused pony Cupid and he will bend the fence down to lean over and let her pet his nose. She loves being silly and giggling and making people smile. She is also a big Frozen fan and picked the names Anna and Elsa for one of our pairs of kittens.

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