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To catch a colony

Last week I was contacted by someone who had gotten our phone number from our vet. She is starting to get quite the amount of stray and feral cats and they don't know what to do. She had contacted several rescues and shelters and was turned away as soon as they heard the words "FERAL". I asked her if she was aware that a local shelter offers a FREE TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) program where she can schedule to take in trapped cats to get fixed free of charge. She then picks them up and returns them to her property to live out their lives without producing more babies. Why not just find these cats a home? You might ask? Well the answer is simple, cats that are feral truly feral can be very wild and not easily handled. The older the feral cat is the harder it is to tame and turn into a house cat. Some will never adjust. Most kittens can be tamed tho and even some adult cats. The other reason to return the ferals to the property is because they will hunt mice and rats and also help keep other stray cats from moving onto the property. If all of them in the colony are fixed you won't get overwhelming numbers in kittens.

However this family had 2 kittens that are still fairly young that we believe we can tame and help find a long loving house home. They also have 2 friendly momma cats who are both very pregnant. So we decided to take them in to allow them to have babies inside where it is safe and they can be raised and adopted out when they are old enough. They will be well socialized and loving babies and should find homes easily. So today we have welcomed 3 from this colony and hopefully they can trap the other baby and that will make 4 we are going to help. Here are pictures of the 2 pregnant momma's Sarabi (Tabby) and Nala (Torby long hair).


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