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If you couldn't tell by the lack of blog updates we have been slammed recently. 2022 we did 95 intakes/rescues for the entire year, as of this posting we are at 110 already for the year already more then doubling our intakes/rescues then the same time last year. We are on track to double possibly even triple last years total this year if the flood continues.

For the first time since we started we have had to completely close to new intakes even emergencies which is heart breaking, normally we leave room for a few urgent cases such as bottle babies etc. At this time we don't even have room or the man power to do urgent intakes that could mean life or death. We desperately need fosters, bottle feeders and above all a physical shelter building and staff to help. We are exhausted and kitten season shows no signs of slowing down which it normally begins to taper off about now. Newborns are still popping out at an alarming rate. Please we are begging for any help!

And PLEASE Spay and Neuter!!!


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