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Catching a Family

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Early Jan 2022 we were contacted about possibly helping 4 young kittens in need of a good home. As we began to discuss helping the kittens we learned that their mother was also in need of a safe place and was likely pregnant again. Being in the middle of winter that was concerning to me so I agreed to go out and help. We managed to catch momma cat and her kittens fairly easily. When I pulled up another adult cat darted into the bushes, it turns out that was momma cats sister. We brought Momma cat now named Maleficent and her 4 male babies are Jafar, Hades, Scar and Mor'Du aka the Villains. We began working with all 5 to get them to trust us humans. A few weeks later they contacted me again about the sister. A large male cat had moved into the area and was being aggressive towards her. So we went out with a trap as she is more scared of humans then momma and the babies. Within 24hrs we had our girl now named Drizella and brought her back here. We are working with her on trusting people and she will go to be a barn cat once we have her spayed.

We do believe that Momma Maleficent is pregnant again and is due any day. Her 4 kittens have adjusted well and will be available for adoption soon.


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