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A Hard Goodbye

Monday 2/28/2022 we took 6 kitties to be spayed and neutered. Among the group were our Minion boys Stuart, Kevin and Bob. They are the 3 that we have been working very hard on socializing, they were mostly feral and VERY sick when they arrived. I suspect pneumonia, well we have been working with them a month and they finally seemed healthy enough for their surgeries. We dropped them off and then Willa who played hooky from school to get some much needed 1 on 1 time with mom and I went out to enjoy the day in the city while waiting for them to be finished.

Around 1 I got a call from the vet who preformed the surgeries, he said he had some bad news for us about little Bob. He said that Bob passed his pre op check and went through the surgery fine and passed his post op check. Said because he could tell these kittens had a rough start in life they were checking on them every 5min. So they went to check on him and his heart had stopped, they were unable to revive him and he passed away. The vet was very baffled by it and I could tell he was disheartened. I explained how we got the kittens and the condition they were in and how I knew it was nothing they did wrong. Sadly my guess is his poor little heart just couldn't handle the procedure. It was heartbreaking news for us, Bob after a month of being in our care was finally starting to come around and not be so terrified at the sight of us. He was taking treats from our hands and even running to us when he saw his favorite treat sticks in our hands. His brother Kevin he was bonded to the most and Kevin has been confused and lost without Bob. He keeps looking around for little Bob and looking at me with sad eyes.

We will miss little Bob, some days rescue can be so heartbreaking. I try to remind myself that its all the good stories and happy endings that makes it all worth it. Bob was buried under one of our tree's with another kitty we were unable to save.



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