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A hard delivery

Last week I did a blog post about sweet little Mocha and how she was in labor and had delivered 2 babies. She labored all day and ended up pushing for hours off and on with a 3rd. After a long time the kitten finally emerged enough that our foster was able to get a hold of it and help pull it out gently. She was still laboring a lot and after awhile we were concerned she was having trouble. We reached out to another rescue for advice and that rescue offered and ultimately took her to help her. They had extensive experience with helping mother cats birth etc. She had another breach baby (all but one at this point had been breach) and was born with assistance again but was no breathing. They were able to get the baby breathing and continued laboring. She had 6 kittens total and the 6th kitten she just could not get out. Even the rescue was having trouble with helping and could not get the last baby who was severely deformed and deceased out. She rushed Mocha to the vet where they were able to get that last kitten out without needing surgery. After it was all said and done Mocha and 5 kittens were able to be reunited and are doing well. We have also learned that this cat was not a "feral" or just a random stray. She had been dumped and likely had been dumped after finding out she was pregnant. If she had not been brought into rescue she and all her babies would have died. We are super thankful for the other rescue that stepped up to help us where we were less experienced.


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